Louis Abel is a creative project exploring different elements of design and expression to create jewelry and objects. The brand itself was founded on a quest for freedom. Freedom to create, express and act free from boundaries and restrictions.

Using high-quality materials, the creation process is mainly local and hands-on. The brand experiments with new manufacturing methods and luxurious materials in a personal way at the brands own atelier. The forms that come to life reflect the brands core value of creative freedom, often resulting in unexpected shapes and textures interacting to become new creations.

Founder & DesignerThe brands founder and designer Jimmy Kamhieh Loutfi has a background in mechanical engineering. After earning his BSc in 2013 at the age of 23, he spent several years designing systems & technical components for the heavy industry in various sectors. The strict approach to design in that field, limited by rules and regulations was a way that never resonated fully with him. Driven by exploring the contrasts of his technical background with a curiosity for organic design, the brand Louis Abel was born.

His approach to jewelry design is free, challenging the boundaries of the materials and processes he uses. With a know-how for manufacturing, Jimmy rented a small workshop space in his hometown of Borås to start experimenting with the design of precious metals. Having no experience in traditional jewelry design resulted in a different approach to the craft, often exploring new methods and processes.

His technical background combined with a fascination of the irregular curves and textures of nature, transalate into unconstrained jewellery and objects expressing emotion, becoming personal and meaningful creations.

Awards and nominations
Guldknappen, Accesory brand of the year (Nomination), 2020Nordiska Kompaniet, Future Design promise (Winner), 2021Scandinavian Business Awards – Best Nature Inspired Jewellery Collection (Winner), 2022