The brand Louis Abel was founded by an inner desire to create. To contribute. We believe that inside all of us, lives an eternal source of creativity longing to be expressed. Some do it by making music or poetry. For others it can be as simple as painting a wall or planting a garden. It doesn´t matter what you do, as long as you leave something behind that at one point in your life was in complete resonance with your inspiration. With our story and products, our hope is to in some way inspire the inner creator in you.


Mother Earth Collection

The most mesmerising scenes can be found in nature, in places shaped by time. So grand our minds can hardly grasp. A force captured forever. From the deepest of oceans to the very edge of a mountain ridge. Sometimes Mother Earth reveals all of her powers, spoiling us with the magic of a winding canyon or telling us a story of the clouds dancing in the sky. Things so mysterious they make us think twice, make us value what is important.

Inspired by five selected wonders from around the world, the pieces from the Mother Earth collection reflects a beauty that goes beyond our senses. Realised as necklaces, rings and bracelets in silver and gold, the unisex hand crafted creations remind us of nature and where we all belong.


Celestial Collection

The Celestial collection was created as a reflection of the eternal relationship
between the sun and the moon, where one cannot shine without the other. The
collection consist of rings and bracelets, realized in either sterling silver or 18k
gold. The design itself put emphasize on the surface and each style comes in a
variety of structures.