The quest of further exploring the borderland between technical and organic design is expressed in a series of experimental objects designed by Jimmy Kamhieh Loutfi. The objects naturally inherit the same design philosophy that can also be seen in the brand´s jewelry collections, often showing unexpected shapes and a sense of freedom in the way the forms are brought to life.

“Louis Abel Objects” is at heart a collaborative project, where the foundational aim is to make high quality objects together with the best craftsmen, designers and artistst around the world

Object 001 – Podium

Podium is the first translation of the Louis Abel design language formed into an interior object. The podium was developed together with Swedish interior designer Christopher Liffner of Bucca Studios, and produced together with leading Swedish craftsmen.

The base is hand crafted in wood, using different techniques and precision work to achieve the distinctive organic shape. The podium top is made of 30mm Shivakashi granite with hand hammered edges.

Length: 120 cm , Width : 65 cm, Height: 80cm

Price on request.