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Aurea` Polished Ring-Silver
1,500 SEK

Aurea` Polished ring, Inspired by the mystical shape of one of nature’s most precious and remarkable creations – the Gold Nugget. This extremely rare formation takes its shape from native molten gold that seeps through fissures and cracks in nature which over thousands of years create the characteristic shape and surface of gold nuggets. This Version of Aurea´ring comes with a polished finish.(Sold as single)

•    925 Silver
•    Hand made in Sweden
•    Louis Abel logo on inside.

Louis Abel jewellery is highly well crafted and can be enjoyed for generations if cared for properly.

Silver as a material will tarnish over time depending on lifestyle and environment. When in need of touching up you can simply use a clean, cotton cloth and mild dish detergent mixed with water.  Apply the mixed dish detergent to the clean cotton cloth and rub the piece in one direction. If more thorough cleaning is required, an authorized jeweler can clean your pieces to restore them to a like-new condition

Wearing your Louis Abel jewellery often can actually prevent tarnishing of the silver, so we recommend that you enjoy and wear your jewelry every day.

All our rings are measured in inner circumference. View the table below for conversions to other measurements.

Circumference (mm)Diameter (mm)MenWomen
50≈ 16X-Small
52≈ 16,5Small
54≈ 17XX-SmallMedium
56≈ 18X-SmallLarge
58≈ 18,5Small
60≈ 19Medium
62≈ 20Large
64≈ 20,5X-Large
66≈ 21XX-Large
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