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Nubes Ring-Gold
3,000 SEK

The Cumulus clouds, with their clear white color in contrast to the heavenly blue, stand as inspiration to the Nubes ring. This quickly reshaping phenomenon triggers our fantasy and some even say they can tell the future. Playing a drama high above our heads their wild and free spirits is forever captured in a ring.

•   18k gold plating over solid 925 Silver
•    Hand made in Sweden
•    Louis Abel logo on the inside.

Nubes Ring is handcrafted from solid 925 silver with a thick layer of 18K gold plating added to it.

Even though the gold plating is thick, the plating can wear off. The longevity of the plating is highly dependent on how you use and care for the jewellery. To care for your gold plated jewellery avoid contact with water/lotions/soap since moist and acidity can cause the gold plating to wear of more easily.

Note! Carefully read the “Care Guide” that comes with your order.

All our rings are measured in inner circumference. View the table below for conversions to other measurements.

Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm) Men Women
50 ≈ 16 X-Small
52 ≈ 16,5 Small
54 ≈ 17 XX-Small Medium
56 ≈ 18 X-Small Large
58 ≈ 18,5 Small
60 ≈ 19 Medium
62 ≈ 20 Large
64 ≈ 20,5 X-Large
66 ≈ 21 XX-Large
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