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Uzu Earrings – Gold
2,900 SEK

These earrings have been very popular.
They are now available for “back-orders“, which will secure you a pair when they are back in stock.
At the moment you should expect 3-4 weeks production time after your order is placed.

Uzu Earrings, inspired by the swirling shape of whirlpools. This captivating body of twirling water is formed by flowing water meeting a barrier or obstacle that causes this twisting, powerful phenomena.  Let the dynamic shape of the Uzu Earrings stand as a symbol for power and determination.

•    18K Yellow Gold Vermeil
•    Hand made in Sweden
•    Louis Abel logo on inside

Measurements: approx. 31mm diameter
Weight: approx. 8 grams

Uzu Earrings are handcrafted from solid 925 silver with a thick layer of 18K gold plating added to them.

Even though the gold plating is thick, the plating can wear off. The longevity of the plating is highly dependent on how you use and care for the jewellery. To care for your gold plated jewellery avoid contact with water/lotions/soap since moist and acidity can cause the gold plating to wear of more easily.

Note! Carefully read the “Care Guide” that comes with your order.

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